2020-2021 Breeding/Sales

I reserve the right to retain any kid that is born. I usually only keep 8-10 kids per year. No deposit is required for a reservation you will be put on the list in the order the reservation is received, no exceptions. The price of the kids are up to the age of 4 weeks old, if the kid or kids are not picked up within that time frame or the agreed time frame an extra fee might apply. 

Kids are raised on CAE a preventive program being fed either Land O Lakes colostrum replacer and/or heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. Each kid is given Essential 3 vaccine (BCD&T), Tetanus Antitoxin at the time of disbudding, then Essential 3 vaccines every 3-4 weeks until they leave with up to 4 vaccines total, dewormed monthly, fed Kalmbach medicated pellets, and high quality hay as soon as they will start eating. 

Buck reservation on first freshening does will be taken; however, does will have to be evaluated after freshening and only the best will be offered for sale. Buck kids out of first freshening does will be $500.

Jill M. Pritchett

11011 Fischer Rd. 

Evansville, Indiana 47720

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